Quelques nouvelles de ma mésaventure Etsy :

Hier, j'ai retrouvé mon compte Facebook c'est déjà ça.

Mais toujours pas de nouvelles de mes appels à l'aide sur Etsy Aide Assistance France, et sur ALM !!!


Pour que vous compreniez mieux la situation injuste dans laquelle je me trouve par rapport à la fermeture brutale de ma boutique Etsy, je publie ici les différents mails reçus du service Intégrité d'Etsy :


1er mail reçu le 30/08 :


This is Ryann from Etsy's Marketplace Integrity team. Thank you for your interest in selling on Etsy.

Based on inconsistencies we reviewed in your account information, we have reason to believe that your business presents a significant risk to the marketplace and we can no longer accommodate your account(s) on Etsy.

We ask that you please do not open any additional Etsy accounts; they will be closed immediately and without notice.

Regardless of your account status, you remain obligated to fulfill any open orders by shipping the items or issuing a full refund.

If you would like to contact your buyers directly, you can find their email address on the purchase notification email you received from Etsy or on your PayPal transaction receipt.

We're sorry that we cannot continue our business relationship and wish you the best in finding the appropriate venue for your items.

Etsy Marketplace Integrity

Je leur demande alors des explications via le service Aide d'Etsy France

2ème mail le 31/8 :

Hello Florence,

Thank you for your response regarding your account status.

Etsy is a unique venue that connects buyers to individual makers and designers, and we have policies about what can be sold and the types of businesses that can sell in our marketplace. Not all businesses will qualify to sell here.

In the Etsy marketplace we require you to accurately represent yourself, your business, and your items. After a close review, we’ve found your shop to have the following issues:

Per our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to terminate a member’s privileges at any time, for any reason. As we believe your account presents too high of a risk to continue to sell, my team and I have elected to revoke your account privileges permanently.

We are unable to reconsider this decision, and this email constitutes our final communication on this matter.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Best regards,
Etsy Marketplace Integrity

Je leur ai alors envoyé une lettre en Anglais (aidée par une copine bilingue) pour me présenter :

Dear Sir, dear Madam,

I acknowledge receipt of your yesterday email about the closing of my shop Bleu Papaye on Etsy.com.

To answer your email, I would try to be more specific about the way I run my home-made collections : all my items are self designed, self made, home-made and I run my boutique on my own.

All items are made in south of France, at my home and are therefore very unique. The clients may also place specific orders, which I am able to realize within a few days.

Since the opening of my boutique in september 2014, I was quite active within « A little market », joining sales organised by « A little market » in my surroundings, posting comments on forums, and being an active member of area teams.

My passion is to design and create. My inspiration comes from the lovely Provence, South of France where I have the chance to live in, so as my holidays abroad with my family like recently in Indonesia.


Etsy is now the ideal place for me to be, as a sale plateform for independent creator for I intend to work now for a broader public, very demanding either regarding the quality, the home-made products or the unique pieces.


I am sorry if there has been a misunderstanding and I would like you to reconsider my situation.

The business relation between « A little market » and myself has always been very trustful. So do I see the new business relation and communication with « Etsy ».


Would you be so kind as to reconsider your position and my working with you.


Thanking you in advance,

Best regards,

Florence Roman (Bleu Papaye)

Leur réponse à cette lettre le 5/9 :

Hello Florence,

Thank you for your email regarding your account status.

Our team has comprehensively reviewed your account history and information on Etsy, and we have determined that we are unable to reconsider the decision made in this circumstance.

We have reason to believe that, despite the best efforts on your part to comply, you'll continue to violate Etsy's policies should your account be reinstated. Because of this, your account will remain suspended.

Going forward, we will be unable to respond further to requests to reopen your account. Please do not open any new accounts as they will be closed without notice.

We're sorry we aren't able to accommodate your listings on Etsy, but we wish you the best in finding the most appropriate venue for them elsewhere.

Best regards,
Etsy Marketplace Integrity

Entre deux j'ai renvoyé des mails sur les Aide Assistance France d'Etsy et ALM mais jamais de réponses !!!!


Merci d'avoir encore lu ce long post.

Merci beaucoup si vous pouviez mettre des commentaires pour augmenter ma visibilité et de diffuser mes posts sur vos réseaux sociaux !!!